Hawke's Bay based Photographer - Diploma in Photography (Completed 2013 - Massey University, Wellington)

One thing I have come to realise in life as I have got older is that time passes by way too fast! Taking photos though has a way of creating a return to those moments that would otherwise be gone. I have a passion for capturing those moments that others may overlook which would otherwise be lost or forgotten - whether a special occasion or even something simple but of value to you. Through my photography, I especially love that I have the ability to freeze a point in time and hold onto an image of a person, scene or animal even long after they are gone.

Throughout my life, we had foster children coming and going from our home. I guess this really taught me the value of photos. Often children could be pulled from our care overnight. They would either run away, have funding come to an end which meant their placement had to change or they would grow old enough to move out on their own. Often contact with them would disperse once they left so a photo with them was all I had left. I began to realise that I had a love and a gift for taking photos and that I could use this to benefit others.

My preferred style of portrait work as you will see from the images is candid and natural as opposed to staged images. I prefer this style for the simple fact that I would rather capture people as they are normally seen by the ones that know them.

I am young, ambitious, honest, reliable, talented, passionate and love creating beautiful imagery that hopefully you will love too. I know that everyone is different so each photographic session can be customised specially to your needs, just send me a message.

I would love the opportunity to document yourself and your loved ones so that you too have memories to hold on to forever.


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